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Next Live Event: Ouija

What is Witchcraft Live?


Witchcraft Live is exacty as the name suggests, Witchcraft Rituals, Ceremonies & Workings broadcast live online.

Our aim is to give you a sneek peak at what witchcraft actually is and what some Witches get up to.

All this is done for educational purposes and all our live streams are completely free.

We broadcast a number of events some are just live rutals / ceremonies you can watch. Whilst others are virtual workshops which you can participate in (much like a live cooking show).

Ouija Event

During our next live event we will be using a Ouija Board to summon the spirits of the dead live.

As always this event will be streamed Live via our Yourtube Channel or Facebook Page and the event will take place from an undisclosed location somewhere in the UK.

Date: 31st October 2020

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10pm - 11pm


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we will be using a Ouija Board to summon the spirits of the dead live.

10pm - 11pm



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This Year Witchcraft Live will be broadcast from:

Stourbridge, Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom